Logograph provides the ultimate combination of tools and services for marketing or promoting yourself and your business offerings online. Find all of your marketing needs in one place, and save time, save money and save stress: we are your marketing partners.

We have the creative and technical expertise to leverage your brand and message across multiple platforms, including:
- your website
- web advertising
- email marketing
- web and email-based Public Relations
- video, TV spot, and cinematic trailers
- video emails that are browser and mobile-friendly email invitations
- rich media content development
- online video campaigns and social media. 
- youth outreach

The key to success in communications is not to blast as many people as possible: it is targeted, relevant content combined with interactive response. Our strategy, system and services will help you manage your databases and focus your message. 

Responsible marketing:  Logograph best practices and policies help you comply with anti-SPAM, CAN-SPAM, and PIPEDA legislations and best practices, including automatic opt-in and opt-out (unsubscribe) features. Logograph will develop high-impact email templates for your account that you can customize and re-use.

Our sophisticated real-time stats and reporting integrations allow you to monitor all aspects of your campaign and provide instant reporting.