Congratulations to our EARTH DAY Battery Hero Winner Demetrios!

This Earth Day, think about how you can reduce waste, like recycling your dead batteries. We were...

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BOOM at The Grand: London Free Press, Mayor Attends, Amazing Buzz

The London Free Press gave Rick Miller the cover, and gave his one-man show BOOM a glowing...

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Montreal student contest winner's drawing turned into a Battery Hero...

The world has a new superhero, one who promotes battery recycling and prevents batteries from...

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Logograph targeted marketing and strategic communications

Logograph develops web and new media marketing, from websites to rich media content, to email-based Event marketing and PR campaigns, to DVDs and TV commercials. Corporate clients include TELUS Event Solutions, Cineplex Big Screen Events, and RE/MAX agencies. From website design, to sophisticated customized management tools, new media and social media consultation, Logograph solutions have enormous impact. 
The proprietary Logograph software and services suite was developed over years with collaborative input from Event Producers, Organizations, Public Relations and Marketing directors, and Management Agencies. Logograph includes user-friendly tools for multi-lingual website Content Management; online sign-up forms for Patron Database development; Website-based Scheduler; and robust Contact and Email Marketing campaign management, as well as social media marketing initiatives. 

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