BOOM at The Grand: London Free Press, Mayor Attends, Amazing Buzz

Monday, May 25, 2015

The London Free Press gave Rick Miller the cover, and gave his one-man show BOOM a glowing review.

The paper wrote of the KDOONS and WYRD co-production,
“Toronto actor and playwright Rick Miller’s one-person BOOM makes for a stunning impact. The multi-media production tells the 1945-1969 story of three baby boomers and the world around them.
The actor’s solo flight is matched by the BOOM team’s technical and design marvels in this multi-media world of wonders. The central column is like a command post for all characters, with Miller — a bit like the Wizard of Oz — creating madly behind a scrim.
Miller and his characters and stage magic are set to go boom-boom-boom on a massive tour soon after his Grand run ends on May 2. So get down there right now and enjoy the sonics and sights of BOOM."
★★★★ 1/2 out of 5 stars

Rick Miller's vision returns to the Grand March 2016 as the director and co-creator along with Craig Francis, of the new play Twenty Thousand Leagues Under Thea Sea (

Photo: Derek Ruttan, London Free Press.